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Wed.May 24,2023        Suffern Public Library, Suffern, NY.                                                                           TBA

Sat.Feb 29, 2020         The Watt Hotel, Rahway, NJ 8:00-11:00                                                            Trio w/Pete MacDonald, Mike Carino


Friday Jan 24, 2020     Classic Quiche Cafe, Teaneck, NJ 8:00-                                                              Trio w/ Pete MacDonald, Mike Carino

Sat.Jan 25, 2020          Maureens Jazz Cellar, Nyack, NY 8:00-9:30

                                         Quintet w/ Harvie S, Richie Morales,                                                           David Budway, Bob Magnuson

Sat.July 13, 2019         Suffern Free Library, Suffern, NY 2:30-3:45

                                         Quartet w/ Pete MacDonald, Mark Hagen,                                                   Matt King

Thurs.August 6,2015  Harvest Bistro,Closter, NJ 8:30-11:30

                                         Trio w/Tom Baker/Mike Carino

Thurs.June 26,2014    Harvest Bistro,Closter,NJ 8:30-11:30

                                         Trio w/ Richie Morales, Cameron Brown

Thurs.August 1,2013   Harvest Bistro,Closter,NJ 8:30-11:30

                                         Vince Venezia/Kermit Driscoll

Sun.May19,2013           Taphouse Grille,Wayne,NJ 11:00-2:00PM

                                         Guitar/Bass Duo

Sun.May 5,2013            Taphouse Grille,Wayne,NJ 11:00-2:00PM

                                         Guitar/Bass Duo

Sun.April 21.2013         Taphouse Grille,Wayne,NJ 11:00-2:00PM

                                         Guitar/Bass Duo

Thurs.March 28,2013   Harvest Bistro,Closter,NJ 8:30-11:30

                                          Vince Venezia/Steve LaSpina

Sun.March 24,2013      Taphouse Grille,Wayne, NJ 11:00-2:00PM

                                         Guitar/Bass Duo

Sun.Feb.24,2013          Taphouse Grille,Wayne, NJ 11:00-2:00PM

                                         Guitar/Bass Duo

Sun.Feb.10,2013          Taphouse Grille,Wayne,NJ 11:00-2:00PM

                                         Guitar/Bass Duo

Thurs. Oct.25,2012      Harvest Bistro,Closter,NJ 8:30-11:30

                                         Vince Venezia/Cameron Brown








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